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Nitro vs Electric RC Cars

Nitro-rc-car-fuel Nitro vs Electric electric-RC-car-Battery

Whether you love tinkering with a nitro engine or love the sheer power of a brushless system, people are often divided as to which they chose! Both have their benefits, nitro cars can simply be topped up with fuel all day long but require more maintenance and tuning which can be challenging for the beginner. Brushless Electric Cars are often faster out of the box, require less maintenance but are more expensive and have shorter running times due to having to recharge batteries! Whatever your car of choice we have selected a few of favourites below:


Himoto Nitro 2 Speed 4x4 Subaru Impreza Rally Car Himoto Syclone RC Nitro Buggy 1/10 RTR 4WD (Flame 2 Speed 60mph) RC 1/10 4x4 Electric Buggy (Phoenix Red) RC 1/10 4x4 Electric Buggy (Night Flame)